The start…

Well, hi. I’m a 26 year old girl from Manchester, England and I love food!

This is going to be a blog about things I cook and eat. I’m a foodie, so I thought it might interest me to look back in a years time and see what I was cooking.

I imagine I’ll also litter this blog with inane ramblings, pictures and recipes 🙂

I should point out here that neither I nor my boyfriend are food stylists and I’ll be taking all my pictures on my mobile phone. basic digital camera.   Also,  I have a full time day job, so won’t be spending hours styling my food – or photographing it all in daylight, simply because most of my daylight hours are spent at the office. Hopefully, you’ll still find that the food looks tasty enough for you to try it yourself!

Full as an egg is a phrase we used when I was a kid to say we were full up. Though everyone I say it to looks at me like I’m slightly crazy, so I think it must have been something we made up!

I’m into food of all types and am by no means a food snob. My best dining experience in my life was definitely a 13 course feast at the 2* michelin restaurant Il pagliaccio in Rome, which my boyfriend took me to for my birthday when we were there. But second to that, is a portion of donner meat and chips from the takeaway round the corner.

I’m also wheat intolerant, so a few gluten free recipes (especially baking) will pop up now and again (though I do still eat wheat sometimes – it’s an intolerance not an allergy so won’t kill me).

The main players in my food life are my boyfriend Kieran (who I live with) and my friend and ex-flatmate, Rachel (we eat together once per week) so will also be posting what they cook for me!

Erm. I think that’s about it. If you have any tips/recipes you’d like to share, feel free to get in contact!!