Choice Restaurant – British Tapas

Yes, we’ve eaten out a lot recently – the good weather just begs you to find a table near the canal, drink a large bottle of pear cider and eat british themed tapas. And who am I to refuse?

We headed to Choice Restaurant – which is the restaurant Kieran and I went to for our first date, and then our 6 month anniversary meal, so holds some nostalgia for us.

We ordered sweet potato wedges, pork pie with piccalilli, smoked mackerel pate with toast, crab cakes and olives with bread. They were all very well made and perfect for a light lunch. The smoked mackerel pate in particular was delicious.

The crab cakes were choc full of crab (I expected mostly potato) and the idea of a british themed tapas menu will hopefully catch on elsewhere, as I think it’s a good idea!