Casa Tapas – Didsbury

More tapas, but the authentic kind this time! Myself and Kieran, my sister, her fiancee, my dad and his partner all met for dinner.Tapas goes down well with all of us – the great thing about it is that there’s something for everyone!

It also holds great memories for me as my first holiday with Kieran was to Barcelona, where we ate some amazing tapas, particularly at a marvellous restaurant there called Taller de Tapas. If anyone’s going to Barcelona, I’d highly recommend it – and stay away from the food places on Las Ramblas! Anyway, I digress.

Casa Tapas is a small, local restaurant with two branches in the upmarket areas of Didsbury and Knutsford. Competing with the nearby chain restaurant La Tasca, Casa Tapas has the better reputation, but the dearer prices. I’ve eaten at Casa Tapas before a couple of times – and to be honest, wasn’t overly impressed. They overcooked the squid (a real bugbear of mine) and the waiter was quite rude to my father (he looked at him like he was mental just because he ordered a glass of milk).  Since then, we hadn’t been back till now….

The service, unfortunately appeared just as brusque. They had an offer on a board outside advertising a free bottle of wine over the bank holiday weekend – I enquired about it and was told quite shortly that it didn’t apply that day. To which, obviously I retorted, then why are you advertising it today then?!

That aside, the food was rather good.

The appetizers of garlic bread and olives went down well with everyone who wasn’t me – I try not to eat wheat and hate olives!

The meatballs were the highlight for me. Juicy, full of flavour and in a great sauce. I could have had six dishes of them quite happily!

One of the surprise dishes of the night was chicken, with a walnut and mint sauce. Extremely tasty, to the point where I was passing it round the table getting everyone else to try it. Such an unusual combination, but I will be searching for a similar sauce to make at home!

Yeah, I couldn’t stop people eating the potatoes with aioli before I could photograph it! Tasty, but a little heavy handed with the aioli!

A good sized portion of chorizo.

Casserole of lamb in a wine sauce. A bit bland – so much so I forgot what this was and had to check the menu!

So, did they get the squid right?……….

….No. As usual, it was overcooked and rubbery. Bah! I wish people wouldn’t put it on their menus if they can’t cook it properly!!

All in all, this restaurant is decent and is certainly some of the best tapas you’ll find in Manchester. But sort your squid out!