London: Diner in Camden

When we were in London last weekend, Kieran and I went to Camden in the morning and I spotted a place called Diner. I love the fifties, rockabilly, american style, so there was nowhere else we were going to have breakfast – especially when I saw that not only did they have proper booths, but they also did proper milkshake.

Just what you need in the morning. I also ordered the ‘lumberjack breakfast’, which consisted of a short stack of pancakes, bacon, eggs and maple syrup. Now, I’ve been intrigued with the american idea that bacon goes with sugar for a while now – and I have to say I’m not convinced.

There are two kinds of sugar on this plate; maple syrup and icing sugar! For breakfast? Really americans – do you actually eat this? And do you really think it goes with eggs?

I suppose this is similar to my incredulous reaction to finding out that americans put marshmallows on sweet potatoes. Not everything is dessert, you know.

My dislike of savoury dishes disguised as desserts shouldn’t say anything about the quality of the food in Diner, as it was all cooked really well and if diabetes is your thing, you’ll be right at home! Seriously though, the pancakes and eggs in particular were delicious and the portion size was so massive we didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day!

Hell, it’s worth going just for the milkshake, which was fabulous. Also, they made more than a glass full of milkshake and gave me the extra to drink instead of throwing it away, which scores them bonus points on service.

Now all they need is a juke box and I’d be in heaven!