Dough in Manchester

This is going to be a bumper post, as I’ve visited Dough, a pizza place in the Northern Quarter in Manchester a few times in the last month. This is for one very good reason: they serve gluten free pizza bases! Yes! They are as far as I’m aware, the only place in Manchester to serve gluten free alternatives. (As an aside, I don’t see why in general italian restaurants can’t do this – it’s not hard to keep a bag of gluten free pasta in the store cupboard!)

They also serve some dairy free dishes. Their menu is varied and interesting, with some unusual flavour combinations. Not just your usual margeritas/hawaiians. They are also very reasonably priced and the restaurant itself is decorated nicely with a good atmosphere. The service is always very attentive. In short, I’m a fan.

My usual is the chilli beef pizza, but I thought I’d go for something different on a meal out with my friend Rach. We ordered two pizzas and split them between us (as she doesn’t mind eating gluten free!).

West Indies £8.15
Slow cooked curried lamb served with red
onion, sliced peppered banana, mozzarella,
curry spiced tomato sauce and mango chutney

This was surprisingly delicious, as I don’t like bananas, but they were actually a great addition.On the right we have:

Duck & Brie £8.75
Roasted duck with pear, brie, mozzarella, thyme
and pickled red cabbage

This was definitely the best of the two – I loved the contrast between the red cabbage, pear and the brie. One of the best pizzas on the menu. All Dough pizzas are served on a thin base, which is crispy on the bottom. I can’t vouch for the regular base, but I’m told it’s delicious.

The next time I went was with my sister and my cousin and this time went back to my usual:

Chilli Beef £8.15
Thin sliced strips of steak, red onions,
mozzarella, our tomato sauce, grapes and mint
& coriander

Usually this is spot on, but this time I felt that they were a little stingy with the toppings and there was too much mint on there. This pizza however, is still my favourite and gave me the idea of adding coriander to my homemade pizza for which I’m eternally grateful. Seriously, try it.

My sister, Fiona had:

Goats Cheese v £7.75
Goats cheese, our tomato sauce, fresh sliced
tomato, chives, mozzarella, garlic and balsamic

My cousin Eryn had the duck and brie pizza, as above.

Though I’ve been there a number of times, they change the menu around, so there’s still some  pizzas I haven’t tried yet that definitely sound interesting:

Wasabi Prawns £8.45
Tiger prawns with kale, spring onions, corn,
pickled ginger and mozzarella on a wasabi
sauce base

Paella Pizza £8.45
Salt & pepper squid and tiger prawns with
mozzarella, mixed olives, oregano, paprika
and peas
Meatball Pizza £8.25
Homemade beef meatballs with black olives,
mushrooms, mozzarella, our tomato sauce and
topped with fresh torn basil
Asian Mackerel £8.15
Smoked mackerel, roasted cashew nuts, green
peppers, red onions, mozzarella, our tomato
sauce and topped with fresh coriander and
horseradish crème fraiche

They all sound delicous, no? If you’re ever in Manchester, get yourself down to Dough for a cheap and tasty lunch!