Cheshire Cookery School – Tapas and Pinchos Class

My dad bought me a voucher for a cookery class for my birthday in August, which I finally cashed in a few weeks ago at the Cheshire Cookery School. It was for a three hour Tapas and Pinchos class. What an awesome birthday present!

I bought another voucher for Kieran and it cost £30 – which I assume is what my dad paid for my class. Well, I didn’t want to go on my own!

Here’s the description on the website of the three hour class:

‘On this course you will master dishes like tapas and pinchos with expert chef Jason Palin. Whatever level you’re at, the fun three-hour course caters for all skill capabilities, taking you on a journey round España with a selection of dishes that ends with a glass of vino and a chance to sample and share your creations with your fellow estudiantes.’

This isn’t actually an accurate description of the class. We only made one dish – the rest were all demonstrations. All of the dishes were extremely basic – the class seemed to be geared toward cooking novices. We made prawn fritters.

These were made by literally throwing some cooked prawns, chopped spring onions and seasoning in a bowl with gram flour and a splash of water. Then just fry them like mini pancakes. They were delicious, but hardly taxing.

I did enjoy myself very much though, probably because the chef Jason Palin, was so friendly and chatty that he put everyone at ease and entertained with some great anecdotes. I would say that this is more of a fun cooking related day out than a class – as I don’t feel I actually learned anything. But, I did get to eat some yummy food and drink a glass of sangria, so it was well worth it!