Liver: love it or hate it?

Liver is certainly one of those ‘love it or hate it’ foods. It certainly divides opinion – even in our household. Kieran wont go anywhere near a piece of liver and will only eat paté if it doesn’t taste too ‘iron-y’. Some people won’t eat it just because they don’t like the thought of it (which in my opinion is a stupid reason not to eat something).

I should tell you now that I’m a massive fan of liver. Whatever the animal, whether it’s fried whole, or in the form of a paté or terrine, I will always enjoy eating a nice plate of liver. In fact, I am pretty much guaranteed to order liver if it appears on a restaurant menu – I even order it in Nando’s.

Which is why I make it a lot when Kieran is out, as it is the only chance I get to eat it at home. I love calves or lamb’s liver with onion gravy and mustard mashed potato. Delicious.