A month ago, I signed up to the Foodie Penpals program, which sees lots of people sending each other fun parcels full of food related goodies. This is the second box I’ve received and I love it just as much as the first.

Karolina was the kind person sending me my box this month and she chose an american theme, which is right about perfect for me.

Brownies, Popcorn seasoning, liquid smoke and key lime pie chewing gum

I happened to take a walk up to the post office on the hottest weekend this year, where the parcel had been sat in a baking delivery office for days. Consequently, the brownies had melted. However, I did not let this deter me – after an hour or so in the fridge they were back to their usual, firm selves. Not to say that these brownies were ‘usual’ in any way, because they really weren’t.

It ‘s so thoughtful to receive something home made. These are gluten free brownies with a sea salt caramel glaze. They’re also sugar free, with only natural ingredients – the sweetness is provided by raw coconut sugar. I’ve never had anything made with natural sweetners before, so it was really good to try. The brownies were moist and delicious!

Karolina really hit the nail on the head when buying the liquid smoke – I use it a lot to make pulled pork and had just ran out!

I’ve yet to try the popcorn seasoning and the gum, but it’ s all stuff I’ve not tried before so am looking forward to using them!

I sent a parcel this month to Angie – visit her blog to find out what she made of my picks!