Minute steaks with anchovy butter

Gabbott’s Farm, our local butcher, does this great deal, where essentially, you can buy a shedload of meat for a tenner. This suits Kieran and I well as we can just freeze it all and pull out what we need. For £10 this week I got a piece of roasting beef big enough to feed four, four sausages, three chicken legs, 4 pork steaks and 3 minute steaks. It varies week to week, but that’s pretty much what you’ll find in the standard £10 pack.

I’d never usually buy minute steaks – well, because what’s the point. They’re really thin and therefore certainly not substantial enough to be used for a main meal and more suited to a quick sandwich, no? Not so!

This was actually a great substitute to a regular steak – it must be quite easy to overcook them, but literally 30 seconds on each side is enough to have these cooked and still retaining some moisture. I didn’t think that I’d be full after one and a half minute steaks, but surprisingly I was!

Of course one of the great things about this meal is that it is ready in literally 10 minutes. All you have to do is peel and cut your potatoes and put the chips in the deep fat fryer. Make the anchovy butter by mixing softened salted butter, a finely chopped clove of garlic and anchovy paste to taste. I’d throw in some chopped parsley as well if you have some. Then, when the chips are ready and draining, put the steaks in a hot pan. Flip after 30 seconds on each side and assemble on the plate. Done.