My foodie penpals box this month came from the lovely Christine and I have to say, this month’s was a humdinger!

But I have a rather large confession to make: I accidentally deleted my photos of the box of goodies and have now eaten everything inside it. Oops!

I hope you’ll forgive me and instead make do with product pics instead! I’ve taken a picture of what’s left and the card – and yes, I got a cookbook! How awesome is that?!

The remains of my foodie box!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was of course this book, Thomasina Miers’ Mexican Food Made Simple. Don’t worry, Christine didn’t massively overspend on my box – she regifted it to me, which I think is a brilliant way to make sure that books that you’re not going to use go to a good home! And I’ll definitely use this – I’ve got my eye on making ceviche and of course, a margherita!

I also received some spicy Thai crisps from RAW.  These are super healthy as they use raw vegetables to make crisps and are 100% natural.

Spicy thai crisps

She also made me some gluten free pumpkin and mulberry cookies, which were delicious! They were made from rice flour, arrowroot, pumpkin, dried mulberries, coconut oil, sugar, salt, vanilla and spices. I LOVE a spiced cookie, so they were definitely good for me!

I also received an assortment of tea bags, including lavender earl grey, which was delicious!

I sent a parcel to Nina at Spencers Arc this month – click here to see what she thought of my parcel!