Lunch is the most frustrating meal for me. There are so many places to go and buy lunch in Manchester city centre, but finding something that isn’t encased in bread or pastry is really difficult. Even the salads usually have pasta in them. So, after years of eating nothing at work but lukewarm soup and boring salads, I’ve finally found something that I can eat! There’s no gluten, it’s light and healthy and more importantly, super tasty.

Just add hot water!

This is, well, a pot noodle. But a homemade one with fresh ingredients! In the morning before you go to work put some red curry paste in the bottom of a tub, with a good dollop of coconut cream (coconut milk is too thin). Vary this to taste – I put too much paste in the first time and nearly blew my head off, so it’s worth experimenting. Now, I use about half a teaspoon.

Add into the tub a handful of cooked rice noodles, a handful of stir fry veg (beansprouts, bell peppers, cabbage etc), some cooked chicken pieces and some chopped fresh coriander.

Refridgerate at work and then at lunchtime, top up with some boiling water from the kettle. Stir.

The finished soup.

And Voila! Delicious, healthy guilt free soup. I’m a genius!

Don’t forget plenty of coriander!