Low carb Sausage and Courgette bake

I’m going to Tenerife on 22nd September, which means one thing. Me in a bikini. You know not how this thought fills me with terror. In an attempt to separate myself from any beached whales that may be present, I’ve been trying to cut out the carbs as much as possible as I’ve found that this has worked for me before in the build up to a holiday. Last time I lost 7lbs in two weeks – and only put about 3 of them back on again when I went back to my normal diet, so I call that a success! Hopefully I’ll have the same results this time. I only tend to low-carb in short bursts – there’s no way I could do without cake or potatoes on a long term basis!

Anyway, I had very little inspiration for last night’s dinner, so I did a cupboard rummage and came up with this. I finally found some sausages that did not contain flour, which is a surprisingly difficult task. I chopped these up and fried them with some onions and a clove of smoked garlic. To that, I added a heaped spoon of harissa, a tub of double cream and a little stock.

I then chucked that into an oven dish and layered the top with some pan fried courgette slices and slices of mozzerella cheese. Oven till brown. Done.

Kieran not only ate it all, but complimented me on it – which is good enough for me. Not bad for an off the cuff low-carb midweek meal!