Tinkers Restaurant

I’m a massive, massive fan of Masterchef. So when I heard that Jay Tinker, a previous Masterchef finalist had opened a restaurant in Southport, I knew I’d end up going. I went with my mum and grandma, who handily live in Southport, so it was a good place to stop for lunch while we were out shopping.

They do an extremely reasonable lunch deal, for £8.95 for two courses.

The interior of the restaurant is extremely minimalist – too minimalist for me. The restaurant could do with a bit more colour in my opinion, but it was light and airy.

We all chose a main and a dessert.

My grandma and I both had the sea trout, which was perfectly cooked with a lovely, crispy skin. The vegetables were lovely, but the potatoes were neither crispy, nor seasoned, which was a bit of a shame.

My mother had the belly pork, which was so good I was very jealous of her.

The pork belly was absolutely delicious – soft, full of flavour. Loved it. I would definitely get that next time.

However, next time I would probably get a starter and main, rather than a main and dessert – as the desserts weren’t brilliant. In fact, they weren’t even that good.

This dessert read as sinful and delicious. Instead, it was a dry, lukewarm pancake with very little sauce and possibly the worst chocolate brownie I’ve ever had. Hard, flavourless and full of nuts, whoever baked has obviously been nowhere near a gooey, soft and rich brownie. I feel sad for them.

My grandma had the creme brulee.

The custard had a nice flavour, but there was not nearly enough of a hard sugar crust on top. It wasn’t even hard on the left hand side.

All in all, they seriously need a pastry chef. Or a new one. But the mains were delicious and perfectly cooked – and there’s certainly no complaining about the price!