Pesto, red pepper and mozzarella tart

I was home alone one night and feeling very lazy. I didn’t want to call a takeaway and knew I should attempt to cook something and this is what I came up with after raiding the fridge to see what was in there. It took 5 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to cook, so fit the bill perfectly.

I basically found some shortcrust pastry, a jar of green pesto, a jar of roasted red peppers and some mozzerella cheese. It was actually delicious and I may actually plan to make it again at some point soon!

It was really easy. Roll some pastry (the ready to roll kind) out into a kind of circle shape. roll up the edges to create a crust. Then, take a tbsp of pesto and spread across the pastry. Top with the rest of the ingredients and bake until the pastry is brown and the cheese is melted – about 15 minutes on 180c. Simples!

I don’t know why I’ve not done this before – I think I’ll be going for a spinach and ricotta tart next. Yum!