So Lita!

There used to be a fish restaurant in the Northern Quarter called Sole, which I’d always been meaning to try out and then never got round to it. One day, I walked past and it had turned into So Lita, a trendy burger joint.

Trendy burger joints specialising in southern american cuisine have been popping up everywhere recently. I love barbecue style food, so this food trend is right up my alley, so Kieran and I decided to pop there for lunch and see what it had to offer.

You may remember that we  visited Almost Famous in Manchester, which is actually situated just around the corner from So Lita. I found the pretentious ‘uber-hip’ vibe hard to stomach, so was pleasantly surprised to find that So Lita was a comfortable and relaxed space, with pleasant and attentive service.  And our drinks came in a glass, rather than a jam jar. Hurrah!

Neither Kieran nor I actually ordered a burger, though we will be returning for them since they are clearly the centre piece of the menu.

Kieran ordered deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese with pulled pork. The pulled pork was delicious and the fries were good. The deep fried mac and cheese was interesting – I’ve never seen it done this way before. A little bit too starchy for me, but Kieran enjoyed it.

I didn’t actually go for a main course, but a starter and some sides at the same time. I spied on the menu that they had ‘smoked brisket chilli’ as a side dish and looked around for a main that featured it, but couldn’t see one. I therefore decided to order that, some fries and the ‘pulled pork sundae’ which is a starter.

I found this quite funny. Pulled pork, mashed potato and rooster scratchings (crispy chicken skin) all served in a sundae dish. The pulled pork was great. The mash was apparently ’60/40 mash’  though I’m not sure what that actually means. The ‘rooster scratchings’ were delicious. Who doesn’t love some crispy chicken skin?! The presentation of this dish may be a joke, but the flavours aren’t. Lovely.

Unfortunately, the rest of my choices were a disappointment.

‘Smoked Brisket Chilli’ had me imagining a thick chilli, deep with smokey flavour with big hunks of melt in the mouth beef. In reality, it was minced beef in plum tomatoes, with some chilli powder thrown in. I can make better at home.

Will we be back? Probably – I do want to try some of the burgers because they do sound good! And I’d happily eat anther bowl of that pulled pork again – but stay away from the chilli!