Pie and Ale

It seems like every restaurant in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is selling gourmet burgers and american barbecue. As much as I love it, there’s only so many burgers you can eat and pulled pork sandwiches you can consume before you long for something different.

Thank goodness for Pie and Ale.

As much as I’m a fan now, it didn’t start that way. One Sunday night at 8pm, Kieran and I were looking for somewhere to go for a pint and a bite to eat. We checked out the Pie and Ale website, which says that they were open till 11pm. Perfect. So we trundled down there for 9pm, only to be turned away as they were closed, despite there being two tables in there eating and it being two hours before their advertised closing time.

Now I wouldn’t have minded if we were just walking past, but we’d made a special trip down there so we were pretty annoyed. I tweeted the Pie and Ale twitter account to complain and they responded by saying ” apologies it suppose to be 7 on the holding page, when the actual website goes up it will be correct”. Well, the website is up now and it still says 11pm. So who knows?

Thankfully, I can report that if you visit when they’re open, that it’s well worth the effort. I personally don’t drink ale, but they had guinness for me and they have plenty of ciders/spirits on offer too. Kieran loved it and tried a few of the ales on offer, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

The pies are great too. I’ve been twice and both times ordered the steak and ale pie (made using an ale called ‘yippee-pie-ale’), which is delicious. A pie comes with a side of mash for about £8.00, which is really reasonable. More importantly, it’s bloody delicious. The pastry is crumbly and melt in the mouth and the pie is packed full of meat with a great gravy with a hint of ale.

And it’s not a burger. Hurrah!

The first time I visited, I ordered peas as a side dish and though they were lovely, I felt short changed by the spoonful I got so I didn’t buy them next time round.

If you’re looking for honest, hearty but well made food  in the Northern Quarter then I’d definitely recommend Pie and Ale. But if you’re thinking of visiting on a Sunday evening, I suggest you call ahead!