Pad Thai

I’m a HUGE fan of pad thai. My favourite pad thai ever is from Try Thai in Manchester, made with crispy belly pork. It’s seriously delicious. I love their version so much that it’s pretty much ruined all other Pad Thai for me, so I rarely order it now unless I’m there.

I did, however, come across this recipe online which claims to be the ‘perfect pad thai’ and thought I’d give a more traditional recipe a go, with prawns and tofu.

It involves a lot of ingredients and quite a bit of time, but it turned out really well.  There are a few ingredients in this that you may need to buy online if you’re not lucky enough to live close by to a good oriental supermarket, but luckily I do so I had no trouble finding the ingredients.

Does it beat the one from Try Thai? Not even close. But it was very tasty and I’d definitely make it again.