Malted Milk Tiffin

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you’re looking forward to the New Year ahead! I’ve suddenly got a cold that I hope isn’t going to hold me back much tomorrow night while I’m out disgracing myself around Manchester.

If you’re having a house party, or even just a small gathering to ring in the New Year, these little tiffin bars are the perfect sweet treat to have on the table – mainly because they look brilliant but are super easy to make.

The recipe is from Frances Quinn, who won the Great British Bake Off a couple of years ago. I saw it in BBC Good Food magazine and loved it immediately due to the nostalgia factor of using Malted Milk biscuits, which I was surprised to find are still readily and cheaply available. I haven’t had one since I was a small child.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did – and thanks for continuing to read this blog, which has just passed it’s 5th anniversary! How time flies. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.


Makes 15 Tiffin Biscuits

For the tiffin

100g butter, roughly chopped
2 tbsp barley malt extract (see directory, p.307)
200g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
200g milk chocolate, chopped into small pieces
200g malted milk biscuits
100g chocolate chip cookies
100g crunchy chocolate-covered honeycomb balls, such as Maltesers
100g milk bottle sweets


23cm square tin, greased and Lined with seatbelt straps


1. Put the butter and barley malt extract in a heavy-based saucepan. Set over a gentle heat and warm, stirring occasionally, until the butter has melted. Add all the chopped chocolate and stir until smooth and combined. Remove the pan from the heat.

2. Reserve 15 malted milk biscuits and put the rest in a large bowl. Add the cookies and chocolate-coated honeycomb balls. Break up the biscuits and chocolates by pounding them with the end of a rolling pin – as if you were using a large pestle and mortar. Aim to create a mix of crumbs and larger chunks to give your tiffin a good texture.

3. Use scissors to snip up the milk bottle sweets into about five pieces each and add to the bowl containing the bashed-up mixture.

4. Add the dry ingredients to the melted chocolate mixture and stir together, combining everything thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to the lined tin. Level the surface with a cranked palette knife, spatula or the back of a spoon.

5. Arrange the reserved malted milk biscuits over the top in three neat rows of five, leaving a slight gap between each to make the tiffin easier to cut later. Firmly press them on to the top to be sure they stick.

6. Refrigerate until set, preferably overnight. To serve, remove from the tin using the parchment straps to help, and cut into portions, following the lines of the malted milk biscuits.

Quintessentially Baking by Frances Quinn is available to buy from Amazon.