Hi.  I’m 30,  from Manchester, England and I’m a big food fan!

This is going to be a blog about things I cook and eat. I’m a foodie,  and always enjoyed writing so I thought I’d combine that and document the stuff I make.

I really don’t take this super seriously as it’s a hobby for me, so don’t get mad if my cooking, writing, or photography is not professional standards! It’s mostly for me to be able to document all the stuff I’ve attempted to make, since the evidence soon disappears! :)

However, I really appreciate all the really kind comments and the follows I’ve gotten so far. Nice to know that I’m not *just* talking to myself.

I’m into food of all types and am by no means a food snob. My best dining experience in my life was definitely a 13 course feast at the 2* michelin restaurant Il pagliaccio in Rome, which I went to for my birthday a few years ago. (Alas, no photos!) But second to that, is a portion of fish and chips from the takeaway round the corner.

I’m also wheat intolerant, so a few gluten free recipes (especially baking) will pop up now and again (though I do still eat wheat sometimes – it’s an intolerance not an allergy so won’t kill me). I always cook with gluten free pasta, so take that as a given for any pasta based recipes.

Erm. I think that’s about it. If you have any tips/recipes you’d like to share, feel free to get in contact!!

Edit: I’ve  also been diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic (sigh), so there will be lots of diabetic friendly recipes from now on the blog as I try and figure out what I’m allowed to eat! (16/03/2015).

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