Who are you? 

Hi.  I’m Kim – and I’m from Manchester, England, in my early thirties. I work in IT and am a massive food fan.

Why do you have this blog?

I started this blog a few years ago when my interest in cooking really began to pick up pace. I was trying new recipes and experimenting all the time and just wanted somewhere to document my progress. I’ve definitely come on in leaps and bounds since those days and now I like to consider myself as quite a confident cook.

I really don’t take this super seriously as it’s a hobby for me, so don’t get mad if my cooking, writing, or photography is not professional standards! It’s mostly for me to be able to document all the stuff I’ve attempted to make, since the evidence soon disappears! 🙂

However, I really appreciate all the really kind comments and the follows I’ve gotten so far. Nice to know that I’m not *just* talking to myself.

What kind of food do you like?

I’m into food of all types and am by no means a food snob.

I always like to try new foods and dishes and always make sure that 5 nights per week, I’m making a recipe that I’ve never made before.

I’ve been lucky enough to eat at some fantastic restaurants, including some 1, 2 and 3 michelin starred restaurants. My best dining experience in my life was definitely a 13 course feast at the 2* restaurant Il pagliaccio in Rome, which I went to for my birthday a few years ago. (Alas, no photos!) But second to that, is a portion of fish and chips from the takeaway round the corner, or a fry up from Koffee Pot, which does the best breakfasts in Manchester.

What’s with all the ‘low carb’ talk?

In March 2015, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Basically, this is an incurable auto immune disease which means that my immune system attacks some cells in my pancreas, as it mistakes them as a threat. My pancreas is therefore not able to do its job, which is to produce a hormone called insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. As a result, I need to inject myself with insulin multiple times per day and keep very strict control over my diet. A key aspect of this is counting carbs which is why I include the carb count for recipes wherever possible. Type 1 diabetes is a very different condition from Type 2 diabetes, which is much more common. To find out more about diabetes, please head here.

One of the hardest things about this was the realisation that it was going to impact really heavily on my favourite pastime – cooking and eating. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to stop baking and am constantly trying to find new ways to make delicious cakes and desserts that I can fit into a reduced carb diet.

I’m also wheat intolerant, so a few gluten free recipes  will pop up now and again (though I do still eat wheat sometimes – it’s an intolerance not an allergy so won’t kill me). I always cook with gluten free pasta, so take that as a given for any pasta based recipes.

If you have any other questions, please give me a shout!

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    1. I have been tested for coeliac disease a number of times over the years but it always came back negative. I get various symptoms after eating a largely wheat based meal, such as pizza or pasta etc or drinking lots of beer. My doctor said that though I’m not allergic, since I seem to have identified foods that regularly make me feel ill when eaten in large quantities, it makes sense to avoid them. So I eat them at home sometimes, but usually avoid when eating out or at a party. I made the switch to gluten free pasta years ago and that really helped. I don’t really eat bread/cake or drink that much anymore, since I started carb counting due to the diabetes.

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